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Internal Audit

Organizations certified to an ISO standard, or in the process of certification, are required to conduct internal audits at periodic intervals. Internal audits can be conducted by employees internal to the organization, however, they can also be outsourced – to a competent organization like STAR Consulting and Training.

We, at STAR Consulting and Training, can help your organization accomplish this continual improvement requirement by conducting your Internal Audits as per your defined intervals, your Internal Audit procedure, or ultimately your Internal Audit Schedule.Results of the Internal Audits should outline, clause by clause, what requirements of defined criteria are not being met currently, and what actions need to be taken in order to comply with the requirements of the standard.

In addition to this, an effective internal audit, conducted by independent and impartial expert lead auditor, identifies the weak links / areas of the management system and opportunities for improvement as well. Thus, giving the organization an opportunity to identify the areas and improve the effectiveness of management system.
Our qualified auditor / lead auditors, perform this activity in accordance with all the applicable requirements. Internal Audit is followed by a comprehensive and detailed report which includes requirements of the applicable standard, and status of compliance of the company against applicable requirements. This report forms the basis for continual improvement of organization’s management system.