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Supply Chain Audits

Supply chains are becoming more responsible and striving for sustainable practices for their businesses, and they ensure all these requirements to be implemented throughout their supply chains. In order to ensure implementation of all such requirements, supply chain audits are being done to verify the implementation and effectiveness of the said requirements.

In the current scenario, STAR Consulting and Training is a reliable companion in performing supply chain audits and ensuring compliance throughout the supply chains. We are an expert partner for auditing, evaluating and prioritizing the suppliers in terms of key factors for a responsible supply chain.

Mainly, following requirements or factors are verified as part of supply chain auditing

  • fair and safe working conditions
  • responsible business practices
  • ecological and economic sustainability
  • compliance of applicable legal requirements

A Supplier / Vendor Audit seeks to verify physically or on-site at the supplier’s premises, that they are complying with certain criteria. These criteria can be dictated by your organization or some international standard or code of conduct.

In general, a Supplier / Vendor audit provides certainty that the Supplier / Vendor has the capability to provide the required products and/or services to your organization, that meet your own Quality, Environmental, Safety, Social, On-Time Delivery, or other requirements as applicable.