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Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis is usually done at the beginning of the project to assess the gaps between the existing system of the firm and the requirement of the applicable standard. It is also done after implementing the system and before going for third party certification audit.

The purpose of the Gap Analysis or Gap Assessment is to find the gaps or differences between an organization’s existing management system and requirements of the standard for which organization is planning to conform with or certify to.
Results of the Gap Analysis should outline, clause by clause, what requirements of defined criteria are not being met currently, and what actions need to be taken in order to comply with the requirements of the standard.

A Gap Analysis is an extensive exercise, in which every clause of the ISO standard is verified for compliance. While a thorough Gap Analysis includes verification of implementation, it is highly focused on reviewing required documentation and records.
Our qualified auditor / lead auditors, perform this activity in accordance with all the applicable requirements. Gap analysis is followed by a comprehensive and detailed assessment report which includes requirements of the applicable standard, and status of compliance of the company against applicable requirements. This analysis forms the basis for system development and modification.

Based on this gap analysis activity, a comprehensive action plan is prepared which helps the organization throughout the implementation process and ensure the compliance of the standard.