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Social Responsibility Management System

ISO 26000 is based on the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility and provides the framework for business support to implement its principles, with relevant actions, initiatives and best practices.

ISO 26000 is a guide to the implementation of CSR, covering all areas of ethics, the principles of sustainability and governance, the environment and consultation with the local community. Provides principles and guidelines and not required criteria. It is not certifiable as a standard, but upon successful completion of the inspection, a certificate of proper application of the standard may be issued.

In general, CSR is the way through which a company achieves a balance of economic, environmental and social imperatives, while at the same time addresses the expectations of shareholders and stakeholders.

Benefits of ISO 26000 Audit include

The main benefits of the ISO 26000 are the following

  • Marketing and customer engagement, improving brand reputation and increasing competitive advantage
  • Obtaining a comparative market advantage, especially for companies with export activity
  • Positive and encouraging opinion of investors, owners, donors and the financial community
  • A key tool for shaping and managing a business's sustainability strategy
  • Continuously improving its performance in economic, social and environmental terms
  • Added value to the principles of sustainability and social responsibility already applied by a company

Consulting Methodology

A proven CSR Management System development and implementation approach should be used based on project management methodologies. A structured approach should be used for defining project plans, specific responsibilities and verification of results. The result will be a development and implementation strategy that is more efficient and result oriented.

Following phases are involved in development and implementation of an effective CSR Management System/p>

  • Development of Project Plan
  • Review and Gap Assessment
  • Management System Development
  • Management System Implementation
  • Internal Assessment and Management Review

Benefits of CSR Consulting include

Our team of experts on social standards, management system and labour laws can help you ensure compliance of all the applicable requirements in this regard. And ensure a smooth and productive audit activity as per your customer requirements.

Following can be some of the benefits of having and experienced consultant for development of management system

  • An effective and reliable management system
  • Increased objectivity and impartiality
  • Better audit results
  • Increasing business opportunities
  • Reduced SMS development and implementation time
  • SMS designed to suit the organization and your customers’ requirements